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Summary Wordpress
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Base cost
  • Code and develop the structure and layout.
  • Performance optimization.
  • On-page search engine optimization.
  • Domain, hosting and SSL configuration.
  • Cross-device compatibility testing and fixing.
  • Cross-browser compatibility testing and fixing.
  • Cross-resolution compatibility testing and fixing.
  • On-page search engine optimization.
  • Incorporating Google Analytics into your website to monitor and analyze your site's data.
  • Robots exclusion to instruct google which pages should be indexed / avoided.
  • Home page creation.
  • Launch a "coming soon" page to offer insights and keywords about your website even before its official release.
  • Add comments to the code in case you intend to have an in-house website maintenance team or hire a developer in the future, ensuring that they can easily understand our advanced coding methodology and work on your website.

FYI: We hand-coded this website ourselves. We are the world's first business website developers... to feature 100% semantic coding, a preference among many search engines.

Static / Dynamic

Do you want login access to update content such as blog posts, testimonials, events, career opportunities or show contents exclusively for logged in users on your website?


A neglected and unmaintained blog can have a significant negative impact on your website's overall performance and its search engine rankings.

Add sections / Pages
Additional sections / pages
FAQ / Terms / Policy
Interactive Pages
Custom Pages

Add additional pages that are not on the list.

Section / pages with images

FYI: Limit the number of images on your website to optimize performance, focusing on showcasing your best ones for maximum impact.

The cost is determined by the quantity of images, and these images will be optimized with metadata, which will be employed by the majority of artificial intelligence systems and search engines.

FYI: a significant portion of users, roughly 86% to 90% or possibly more, tend to overlook banners. Banners can have a notable impact on your website's performance and conversion rates. We might explore alternative and more effective methods for presenting your information.

Features / Functionalities

Please note that we do not share competitor analysis report for companies already using our services. Instead, we can devise strategies to enhance your position without sharing our existing client's blueprint.

Website theme
  • Our design process:
    1. Determining your website's objectives, goals, and intended audience.
    2. Structuring the website's content and creating a sitemap.
    3. Establishing a page hierarchy and crafting the navigation structure for better conversion.
    4. Drafting wireframes or low-fidelity sketches to outline page layout and content placement to reduce bounce rates.
    5. Producing high-fidelity design mockups that capture the visual style of the website.
    6. Carefully reviewing and refining elements like branding, color palettes, typography, and imagery.
    7. Presenting the design for your approval.
Development choice

Advantages of Hand-coded website

  • Outstanding performance, reducing bounce rates through faster loading.
  • Mobile-first coding, preferred by Google for optimal user experience.
  • Exceptional search engine rankings, enhancing online visibility.
  • Freedom from concerns about plugin or theme updates.
  • Better prformance, structure and seo score.

Why not invest in having the best website when it tirelessly works for your business around the clock, even when you're resting, dining, or enjoying a vacation?

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